What level am I at now?

That’s the million dollar question!

The answer depends on the day of the week and how cooperative her highness is being. Today was a decent elementary standard.

Most days our right rein is elementary – medium level. However the left rein is novice – elementary. All horses are a bit one sided to start with. As I know exactly why her right rein is weaker, I know what to work on. 

Her right hind leg is weaker than her left. I tend to put more weight in my left seat bone making that hindleg work harder. She bends better to the right.

This means our lateral work isn’t the same on both reins. Shoulder in is effortless on the left rein. On the right she gives too much angle or tries to drift off the track. 

Leg yield is easier to the right. Travers is easier on the right rein. 

Being able to analyse yourself and your horse accurately is paramount if you want to improve. Too many people blame the horse for poor performance when in fact it’s the riders position that’s causing the problems. If you can’t work out why things are going wrong, you need some help. Even a friend taking a few videos for you to watch can be a real eye opener. If you can manage it, put up some mirrors in your arena. Mirrors are an amazing help. You get to see what’s happening while you are riding allowing you to correct faults quicker. 

Enjoy every bit of progress you make no matter how slow. It’s still a step towards your goal!

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