Summer = Horseflies!!

How on earth am I supposed to school any kind of dressage movements when the horse is being attacked every 15 seconds! No amount of fly spray seems to help. Getting the fly spray on is a workout in itself! She’ll try everything to get away from it. I end up wearing more than her.

My lovely bouncy collected canter turned into bunny hops when a horsefly bit her bum!

She randomly turned across the arena at speed to avoid a fly. She has a temper at the best of times but apparently the fly situation is entirely my fault.

That said, it seriously helped my medium trot and canter as she was only too willing to try and outrun the flies. Walk and halt went out the window. The best I got was a jogging snorting temper tantrum.

There was random periods of flexion when her neck got bitten. At least she’ll be more supple. If only the flies would help out and increase my left flexion!!

The tail swishing has become a health hazard as she never stops and I get whacked across the face anytime I go near the backend of her. She has a decent tail so it stings like hell!!

I love the summer. Riding under lovely blue skies and wondering how long you have before getting soaked – her highness doesn’t tolerate rain (what a surprise!) but how can I enjoy it when I spend more time getting horseflies off the horse than actually riding her!!!

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