Winter is coming – time to start working 

Well after some unplanned rest, it’s time for madam to get the fat off and focus. The plan is to ride medium at the start of next year. She gets the concept of half pass so now it’s time to “pretty” it up. 

The left rein half pass seems easy enough. Unfortunately she offers it when I don’t ask and I find myself careering across the school with no control. When I finally stop her and turn back to the track there’s a meltdown because I stopped her doing what she wanted! This is a new side to her as she previously offered as little as possible. While I’m pleased she’s willing to do the half pass, how do I stop her!!!! 

I asked for shoulder in but as soon as the shoulder came off the track, off she went into half pass. I think I might need to put poles on the ground so she thinks twice before going sideways.

Eventually every canter transition became an issue as she went straight into half pass! It’s like she has a mental block with straight lines now. When I get straight I’m afraid to move incase I set her off again. The medium tests should be interesting!

You gotta Love MARES!!

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